Free shipping orders over $ 99
Free shipping orders over $ 99

Shipping Info

1. Air International FEDEX,DHL,EMS Express Company will handle your order,within 5-14 days delivery usually. And we guarantee that it is shipped to your door.

2. All international shipments are shipped via FEDEX,DHL,EMS Express mainly in retailing, while for wholesaling. Please contact us now,click us to Feedback now ! That is why you can enjoy best way shipping and great discount offering here off retailing.

3. We are a professional online dealer and cooperate with FEDEX,DHL,EMS Express long-term, shipping order and delivering right to your door. Please make sure you are at home when the packages will be arrived.

4. All the packages will be mailed inside another box, which is marked as gift. So you don't need to pay customs tax.